How to optimise your digital journey for long-term competitive advantage

Industry 4.0 will revolutionise the manufacturing sector, but its full potential is still yet to be realised. Significant progress is happening and there is a move from the hype to investment, but the road to automation and data exchange is a complex one, involving multiple aspects from the factory floor to the boardroom.   

Industry 4.0 is a business strategy that involves complete value chain transformation and must involve all stakeholders if it is to deliver greater customer value and operational efficiency. Critical to success is avoiding both a technology-first approach and bottom up experimentation.  

The solution is to commission a digital twin and use technology as a means to develop a digital roadmap. Although the term ‘digital twin’ is fairly recent, the concept isn’t. Different forms of digital twin have been used for decades to de-risk and optimise major decisions and efficiency. 

At Royal HaskoningDHV, we develop digital twin and simulation technology, enabling organisations to deeply understand their data, processes and resources, so they can validate, test and optimise the performances of their assets, operations and ultimately, their business.

Our white paper

In this white paper we demystify digital twins. You will learn: what digital twins are; what they do; how they contribute to successful digital transformation; when to use them and how to maximise their value to drive real business progress. 

We examine the different implementation and levels of scope at which digital twins should be deployed across your organisation for maximum benefit - asset level, operational process level and enterprise business level - as well as  illustrate use cases and outcomes. 

You will understand how technologies and processes can convert insight and foresight from the virtual world into actions in the physical world - helping you scale value and future proof your competitive position.

This is a must read if you want a coherent strategy and roadmap for digital transformation that will drive measurable asset, operational process and business performance.

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