Successful businesses constantly need to evolve their operations, as they address new market conditions or drive market change through innovation. This inevitably requires adaption of existing production or process infrastructures, often with investment in new production operations together with associated enabling assets.

Change is being driven by new technologies, which are revealing fresh business opportunities and ways of working, while balancing increased automation with the need to develop a highly skilled workforce.

It is also being driven by the need to address global factors such as climate change, water shortages and population growth; by the need to move to a circular, sustainable economy, harnessing new forms of energy generation and capture; by increasingly tough environmental, safety and corporate legislation; and by the demand to maximise stakeholder value in an ever more uncertain world.

Enabling assets – your hidden profit-centre

Enabling assets, which form a key part of every industrial and commercial operation, are often given a low priority. They are seen as a cost centre, with no defined ROI or clear understanding of how their operation impacts the performance of core production units. As a result, they are frequently under-invested and under-staffed, or absorb budgets and tie-up key staff resources that are better deployed to core business processes.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

A successful financial partnership can bring a paradigm shift, enabling your business to become even more agile and resilient, to meet the demands of today and the challenges of the future.

Collaborating for success

Royal HaskoningDHV is an independent, international engineering consultancy providing services for the entire built environment. Our work contributes to the sustainable development globally. We believe meaningful solutions can only be created through collaboration with our partners, clients and stakeholders.

With our financial partner, we strive to enhance society together, offering a unique, flexible and customised solution that allows you to divest responsibility for your enabling assets. It’s an approach that improves the efficiency, uptime, compliance and security of each enabling asset, while reducing your costs and risk. This solution provides value to your business. We can take responsibility for managing existing assets, or fund the development and management of new enabling assets, which we then maintain and operate on your behalf.  In each case, responsibility for service delivery to your production units remains with our teams, leaving you free to focus on your core business. It’s a simple, cost-effective, long-term solution.

Throughout, we work with your business, providing a transparent and collaborative partnership. This is underpinned by solid performance criteria, shared data and agreed service levels, with a financial model based on ‘build, operate, transfer’ principles.

This approach offers a range of important benefits for your business:

  • Releases stranded low-returning capital to be re-allocated to your core assets
  • Improving ageing infrastructure in line with the latest and best-in-class industry practices
  • Allows skilled staff to be redeployed to areas where they can add greatest value
  • Builds a foundation for business transformation, which future-proofs your enterprise in an ever more unpredictable global marketplace.

Our specialists partner to deliver a capital light and fully managed solution, taking on the operation, maintenance and upgrading of your existing enabling assets or building of new enabling assets in line with your changing business requirements. We provide a fully managed solution, with mutually agreed KPIs.


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