Digital twin technology has the potential to improve efficiency and sustainability, and reduce risk, in all kinds of systems and processes. Machinery, buildings, workflows, even entire cities can be mapped, monitored and replicated in digital form.

But doing this accurately requires specialist knowledge about the asset, processes or system being twinned – as well as digital technology expertise in predictive simulations, data analytics, and AI. You also need to know how to take the users of these solutions along in the adaptation of these new technologies.

At Royal HaskoningDHV, we partner with organisations around the world to build digital twins of key assets and business processes. With 140 years of engineering experience, we use our in-depth understanding the physical environment to create value out of data in the digital space.

We can help you identify use cases and choose the right technologies to find more value from your assets. Alongside our growing global network of partners, we’re creating standardized out-of-the-box solutions as well as bespoke, customer-led services to deliver maximum value to our clients.

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Although the potential of digital twins is clear, creating concrete value can be more challenging. That’s why our digital consultancy services are there to support you from the outset of your digital twin journey.

We can develop a roadmap for your organisation, find specific use cases that create value, and make sure related topics around security, privacy, data governance and user adaptation are designed in to the process. 

We already deliver these services for clients in the maritime, aviation, industry, health care and water sectors – often combined with our specialised capabilities highlighted below.

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Data science – for industry, care and safety

For many organisations, data is the greatest untapped source of value. Our data scientists translate it into useful, real-time insights and forecasts. We also have standalone platforms designed to monitor sensor data, analyse images and videos, and find new ways to improve quality of life.

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Predictive simulation – 20+ years of experience

Our experts have been using software modelling to build predictive twins since 1996. This experience helps ambitious organisations to improve every stage of a project – from reducing risks and costs during design and deployment, to agile operation and ongoing performance improvement.

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WITNESS Horizon – simulation modelling software

Our modelling studio, WITNESS Horizon, enables modellers to create rich, detailed models and simulation apps. A wide range of standard modelling elements and logic controls make it easy to rapidly build models in either 2D or 3D, for both continuous process flows and discrete events.

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Aquasuite® – AI-powered water infrastructure

Aquasuite’s virtual operator and semi-autonomous technology help organisations to manage flows of drinking water and wastewater. It acts as both analyst and autopilot, improving the effectiveness of existing assets, networks and systems. The technology is proven in the Netherlands, where Aquasuite manages 80% of the drinking water supply – reducing leakage to less than 6%.

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Flowtack – real-time traffic optimisation

Flowtack forecasts and optimises traffic flow, by collating and analysing traffic data in real time. Its cloud-based software gives network level control, so traffic can respond to live data in a coordinated way. It is an award-winning solution that keeps cities moving, and is proven to reduce CO2 emissions.

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Crowd management for people flow optimisation

As urban populations grow, keeping people moving around our cities is an ever-increasing priority. By bringing together cutting-edge technology with decades of engineering expertise, we develop and implement crowd management solutions to alleviate the bottlenecks in mobility and optimise people flows across the world.

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