About the project

When the lease on our office expired in 2016, we took the opportunity to create a new workplace that would meet our vision of what a perfect work environment should be – inspiring and sustainable, as well as enriching productivity, comfort and wellbeing for its users. And one that the community can share and benefit from.

We also wanted to create a showcase for our customers that demonstrated our mission and values which we align to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The challenge

Our challenge was to find a building that was centrally located from which we could create a circular, energy neutral building, that would provide a healthy work environment with space that was smart and flexible for the range of people that would use it. Some developers we approached said our vision wasn’t feasible.

Our solution

We re-purposed an old storage warehouse and garage in Sloterdiijk, West of Amsterdam. Designed with spaces, toolsets and facilities for work and leisure, we created a sustainable ecosystem that fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing amongst its users.

As well as Royal HaskoningDHV’s engineering team, Contact Amsterdam is home to a mix of individuals and ambitious start-ups that design, create and produce, including film and furniture makers; circular fashion designers; programmers; architects and painters.

Through inspirational shared spaces and specialty rooms, we have connected craftsmanship with digital fabrication, creating many possibilities for visionary crossover projects. Communal events such as yoga, workshops, and even the central location of the coffee machine, create a workplace that stimulates co-creation and boosts wellbeing.

Contact Amsterdam opened in 2017 and has quickly achieved landmark status for its sustainability and circularity and is helping fulfil the city’s vision to become the leading smart city of the future.


The positive impact of the new building on the way we do business, on our employees and on our environmental impact is significant and the return on investment is measurable.

Circular: Building material circularity is above 60%.

Energy-neutral: The Royal HaskoningDHV office is 100% energy neutral and the total Contact building is 60% energy neutral, with the aim to make the entire building energy neutral, or even positive, in the next couple of years.

Increased employee engagement: Using the Leesman Index (LMI), a global standard for measuring employee experience, employee engagement has increased by 23% rising to nearly 70%. The top 6% of best performing companies, so called Leesman+ companies, score an average of 72%. Other aspects such as acoustics, daylight and focus rooms scored above Leesman+.

Optimised and flexible space: Office spaces are in use between 7-19h during the workweek and have been optimised to be multi-functional and flexible so they can also be used during the weekends or in the evenings for other purposes.

Better client contact: There has been a significant increase in the number of clients visiting our offices helping strengthen client relationships and employee engagement.

Co-creation: There has been increased co-creation through events including clients, tenants and the local community in the building involving over 500 internal and external stakeholders, improving brand awareness and reputation. 

Alignment with Sustainable Development Goals

It is in our DNA to deliver value in all we do and we have defined Service Levels to measure progress on our sustainability goals. These are based upon selected Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are at the heart of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015. 

The SDG based Service Levels met for Contact Amsterdam building project are:

Affordable and Clean Energy 
We offer solutions that have re-purposing and sustainability at their core. With the use of IoT, we create buildings that are smart, healthy and energy efficient. The Royal HaskoningDHV Amsterdam office is 100% energy neutral and the total Contact building is 60% energy neutral. 


Sustainable Cities and Communities
We create buildings that form sustainable communities and contribute to sustainable cities. Contact Amsterdam is a community of individuals and businesses, forming a sustainable ecosystem that fosters collaboration and co-creation. It is also supporting Amsterdam’s sustainability vision.

Responsible consumption and production 
Circularity and re-use of materials are critical principles for us. Through our approach we contribute to responsible and sustainable consumption. The Contact building’s material circularity is above 60%.