In 2017, global trade recorded its highest growth rate in six years, both in volume and value terms (WTO). As the demands on ports and terminals across the world continue to increase, the need to become smarter is more present than ever. 

When considering a Smart Ports strategy, the first step for any terminal operator is to assess their current capabilities in the various different areas of their port. A ‘Health Check’ is a tried and tested approach.

Becoming a Smart Port

The purpose of a health check is to understand the status of your port from an independent point of view. Whether that’s from a business resilience, operational efficiency, environmental impact, safety or other perspective, the aim is the same – to improve your ports’ current status.

Royal HaskoningDHV’s Smart Port Health Check offers the ability to highlight those areas which are in need of improvement by matching your current technological capabilities against your business strategy, thereby identifying gaps in the journey to becoming a Smart Port.

So how does it work?

At the very start of the Health Check process, we provide a questionnaire containing a checklist of information for you to complete so that we can paint a picture of your port’s operations. Traffic, cargo volumes, organisational structure, technology currently being used and information about the whole estate are all addressed.

We then spend a day or two on-site to review the use of systems within the port processes, talk to staff and observe operations. This enables us to capture a comprehensive view of technology usage within the port or terminal and where the principal challenges and opportunities lie.

We can then position each department or core process and the port overall on the smart port spectrum in terms of current capabilities.

Here, our aim is to understand the key issues you have as a business and assess your current position against our Smart Port Capability Scale.

Smart Port in Small Steps


Start your journey today

Once these initial findings have been gathered, we reflect together with you through a workshop involving all key stakeholders, identifying the specific ways in which we can help achieve your business objectives through the use of smart technologies.

Our final step is to produce the detailed Smart Port strategy, which may include recommendations such as operational reorganisation, the design and deployment of new technology or process automation.

As your port continues to evolve, you may decide to undertake our Health Check repeatedly. Why not consider using it as an annual audit to check your progress against the Smart Port Maturity Scale?

Contact our team today to get started on your journey towards becoming a Smart Port.