Wherever many people come together, wayfinding is vitally important. Whether this is a station, stadium, museum, commercial building, university or airport, the visitor wants to clearly see where he has to go. The better the signage, the more satisfied, safe and understood a visitor will feel. Good wayfinding ensures space for more visitors, a higher sense of safety and a better visitor experience. 

Wayfinding for the traveller

An important goal for every visitor to a station or airport is simply being able to know where to go. A commuter takes his daily route routinely, but is he also able to do so during renovation work? Even then, he wants to catch his train or flight quickly. The challenges are even greater for the traveller who is unfamiliar with a station or airport. A tourist might prefer to take the lift because of his heavy luggage, look for a luggage storage locker or pay a quick visit to the restroom before looking for a taxi. 

Attractive and clear design

Many people are visually oriented. It is therefore important that signage is clear, attractive and conclusive. It must be appropriate to the type of visitor, language and culture. It should contain a clear pictogram with appropriate text in the right place. Besides clear directions, Royal HaskoningDHV (NPC) takes into account the architecture and style of the building and its surroundings. Attention is also paid to practical matters, for example concealing cables for sign illumination, attaching signs to a national monument or incorporating existing branding into a design. 

Finding the right way

Through a good design, our aim is to provide the right information to the right visitor at the right time to ensure that the visitor arrives at the right location on time and without diversions. Royal HaskoningDHV will help you find the way, from problem analysis to implementation