Does my building or plot have redevelopment potential? Getting the answer to this question starts with solid market research. Royal HaskoningDHV can help you define whether and if so to which extend your plot or building has opportunities, combining the assets of the building with the demand from its neighbouring area.

In a market research, Royal HaskoningDHV first maps the characteristics of a location and then investigates which market segments still are (expected to be) in demand. Also, we take into account the regional and local economic and demographic developments, municipal policy ambitions and the real estate market developments in the close vicinity as well as in the area. We have a wide experience in the retail, leisure, housing, industrial and public market field and are able to deliver references with market research to various use and zones.

But only carrying out a good market research is not enough to determine the success rate of a transformation. Six success factors are crucial when it comes to successfully redeveloping your real estate. These factors are related to:
  • tracing the relevant demand in the neighboring area;
  • designing a suitable program which explicitly takes into account the characteristics of the building and the plot;
  • a conclusive business case, in which the underlying value is a derivative of the suitable use of the property and which interventions are needed;
  • a pragmatic approach to environmental law, in which municipalities should sometimes give room to temporary use;
  • Highest & Best Use valuation, so no longer take into account what was common in the past, but look at what looks promising now;
  • one or more parties that want and can finance, operate and acquire. Without these investing parties there will be no second life for properties and no transaction.

Royal HaskoningDHV has considerable experience with all these aspects and has the knowledge to make a solid analysis and valuation for all of the above components. By integrally taking all of the components into account, the chances of success increase when it comes to redeveloping your property.

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