A sustainable long-term maintenance plan (SLTMP) saves costs and improves the value of your property. It also fulfils your responsibilities in relation to the Environmental Management Activities Decree.

If, as a property owner, you have a reliable view of the maintenance costs and the maintenance status of your property, you can pro-actively take the right decisions and build up budgets. And if the long-term maintenance forecast is matched to the property strategy, the sustainable maintenance policy and the business processes, it is even possible to save money in the long term. A carefully compiled sustainable long-term maintenance plan (SLTMP) calls for professional skill, ingenuity and a broader perspective than the technical assessment alone.

By linking the SLTMP to the strategy and/or the policy, financial resources can be deployed effectively and the user can be better informed about this. For example, once you know the future expenditure on maintenance and the savings on your energy consumption, you can further optimize your property management. In short, an SLTMP saves costs and improves the value of your property.

Success factors of our long-term maintenance plan:
  • Drawn up in the jargon of your organization and matched to the needs of the (end) user
  • Reflects the desired goal of the long-term maintenance plan
  • Reflects the property strategy and maintenance policy
  • Savings on ad hoc expenditure through professional integrated budgeting
  • Professional skill, ingenuity and knowledge of your business processes

We can advise you if you want to draw up and/or update your own SLTMP. If you do not have a full and accurate cost and savings library, we can set this up for you. We can also advise on the implementation of a sustainable long-term maintenance programme.