Handover management

Royal HaskoningDHV has a unique and proven approach to handover management. An essential requirement for projects and a statutory CDM requirement is the provision of accurate health and safety files and a clear understanding of how the facility’s on-going operation and maintenance is to be dealt with. Failing to have the correct documentation and procedures in place can not only harm your business and your employees, but can have a knock-on effect on your reputation and your revenue.

Throughout all our projects, we collect a comprehensive amount of data and documentation, which needs to be handed over to the client. Our step-by-step service includes the initiation of handover processes, the creation of a handover deliverable schedule to ensure technical data deliverables align with the scope, preparation of handover certifications, all of which will enable the client to efficiently operate their new facility and or change it in the future.

Asset integration

After project completion, the asset will be delivered to the client. But we look beyond handing over the asset to ensure that it integrates effectively alongside other pre-existing assets.

We consider factors such as who the users will be, naming and numbering conventions, spares, as well as manufacturer’s literature and drawings.

We also work to establish client management procedures, controls, and review processes. 

Document & data management

Clear and consistent exchange of information about your project is vital from start to finish. Not only will it save on construction costs, but it will save time and minimise disruption.

Our Document Control Managers and Handover Managers work with you to ensure that you have all the documentation and information you require. We have systems in place that host all the project documentation, and which can be accessed by the relevant people easily and quickly. 

We tailor our document and data management approach from the outset of the project, ensuring that we are in line with your own internal systems.

Health & safety & operations manuals

Part of a successful handover is the delivery of clear and useable health and safety and operations manuals. We work with you to define your requirements and get a clear understanding of how this information would be used and by whom, how it needs to appear, and of course the potential content of the manuals.

The manuals will include the necessary data and information required, including health and safety data, residual risks, access for maintenance, maintainability and hazardous substances.

Testing & commissioning

It’s imperative that you understand the requirements for testing and commissioning your new asset.

We provide you with all the information and documentation that you will need. We can produce a commissioning plan, authority to proceed and performance criteria.

We can provide your FM team with training, ensure that witnessing duties are being undertaken, observe occupant use and make any final changes or updates as necessary.

Training & familiarisation

Our experts can help your staff get up to speed with your new asset – ensuring that they have all the knowledge and information that they need for operation or maintenance of the asset. We will ensure that we understand your training needs and tailor an approach to suit you.

Our Handover Managers will oversee the delivery of the training and orientation, provide you with training materials to be taken away and referred to in the future if required, and provide a record of all employees who undertook the training.

Operational readiness & transition

We have a proven methodology to help you have confidence in your new asset or project. There is always risk associated with a new asset, but our approach to operational readiness and transition minimises those risks.

While the results of the work are seen at the end of the project, we start thinking about operational readiness at the outset of a project. We tailor our training for your staff, equipping them for operation, and conduct thorough and repeated operational trials (including contingency plans) under real conditions. This allows us to identify any problems quickly, and gives us time to fix them, so that your asset is ready to go live when you are.

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