The safety of roads in Britain can be an emotive subject for many people due to the far reaching impacts felt by those killed or injured on the roads, causing suffering, life changing circumstances and economic loss.

There can be many factors attributable to causing road collisions such as highway conditions, weather conditions, vehicle malfunction or driver error, just as there can be many factors in preventing collisions and making the roads a safer environment for all road users. One such measure in encouraging safe highway design is the Road Safety Audit (RSA) process.

A Road Safety Audit provides a proactive safety assessment of new highway schemes or improvements at the preliminary design stage, detailed design stage and post construction undertaken by a team of safety professionals appointed independently of the project designers.

The benefits Road Safety Audit can bring to a proposed highway design include:

  • Identifying any potential road safety related problems with the design and its interface with the surrounding highway network
  • To consider the safety impacts of the scheme proposals on all likely road users
  • To afford the designer the opportunity to eliminate or mitigate against any potential road safety problems
  • To reduce the potential for collisions occurring as a result of a proposed highway scheme / improvement.

Our Road Safety Audit team are amongst the first in the UK to have members holding a Highways Agency Approved Certificate of Competency, demonstrating compliance with HD 19 and the requirements of EU Directive 2008/96/EC.

In accordance with the requirements of HD 19 Road Safety Audits will typically be undertaken at four stages of the project:

  • Stage 1: Completion of Preliminary Design
  • Stage 2: Completion of Detailed Design
  • Stage 3: Completion of Construction
  • Stage 4: Monitoring (12 and 36 months post completion)              

Our Road Safety Audit team can also undertake Interim Audits between these designated stages, should the Client require an additional road safety viewpoint earlier in the design process or at any other point in the design / construction cycle.  Additionally the scope of a Road Safety Audit can be widened as part of our Quality Audit process which may also include:

  • Road Safety Audit
  • Non-Motorised User Audit
  • Access Audit
  • Community Street Audit
  • Cycle Audit

Road Safety Audits at Stages 1 to 3 have become a staple part of the design process in Britain, contributing in some part to the continual downward trend in casualty rates seen in recent years.  However, Road Safety Audits at Stage 4 can still be relatively uncommon, involving the monitoring of collisions post scheme-implementation.  With Collision Investigation and Prevention also forming part of Royal HaskoningDHV’s Road Safety expertise our wide range of experience can ensure that an insightful Stage 4 Road Safety Audit will give our Client’s a clear understanding of any long-term safety problems which may have arisen as a result of scheme implementation.

Royal HaskoningDHV’s safety practitioners are passionate about sharing the practical experience gained through undertaking many Road Safety Audits and safety-related projects, with a skill base which is transferrable to construction projects the world over in order to encourage road safety throughout the design process internationally.