The resettlement of project affected people, due to the severity and long-term nature of associated project impacts, is rapidly becoming an unavoidable issue of increasing importance. Demonstrating a socially responsible manner of ‘doing-business’ includes not just the application of internationally accepted best practice compliance measures, but also an unwavering commitment to give a ‘voice’ to the millions of vulnerable people that are faced with the prospect of involuntary resettlement all across the world.

We have extensive experience in the application of relevant international safeguard standards. These include compliance standards being utilised by financiers such as the Worldbank, Standard Chartered, OPIC, CDC, IFC, AfDB, ADB, EBRD and FMO. Often the IFC’s Land Acquisition and Involuntary Resettlement Standard (PS5, 2012) and the Worldbank’s Operational Policy on Involuntary Resettlement (4.12, 2013) are seen as the benchmarks. Royal HaskoningDHV manages project risk by applying clearly defined and articulated principles that align projects to international guidelines and standards, thus significantly reducing or eradicating project risk and enabling third party financing.

The effective application of these safeguard standards needs to be assisted through the development of planning tools, like a Resettlement Action Plan (RAP), Resettlement Policy Framework (RPF), Land Acquisition and Compensation Plan (LACP), and Livelihood Restoration strategies. We see the planning stage crucial to reach viable outcomes. Inclusive, timely and meaningful engagement of the affected communities, including vulnerable groups and marginalised sections of the affected populations, leads to positively enhanced and effective targeted outcomes.

Royal HaskoningDHV has a dedicated team, based in different regions of the world, working for international financiers and companies. We house social, environmental, engineering and economic specialists that are trained to deliver international standards compliance at a local level. We are successfully advising financial institutions, credit agencies, institutional development banks and multi-national companies on cross-cutting social issues that could severely impact their company if not assessed and managed properly.

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Margriet Hartman

Team Leader and Environmental and Social Expert

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