Whether you want to develop an area, a sustainability project or an innovative dredging project: Our process managers, specialists and lawyers help you with their expertise. From the initial phase up to implementation and contract management, we take you step by step.

First, the choice of a contract form is important: which responsibilities and risks do you make the responsibility of the contractor and which will you take care of yourself?
We then explore how to put this on the market. Depending on the complexity and requirements and the law in your country, various ways of tendering can be chosen.

The preparation of the contract and tender documents is an important process to go through together: good quality of the tender documents is an important precondition to ultimately achieve a satisfactory result.

After the tender process that culminates in an assignment and signing of the contract, the construction can start. Here, good contract management is of great importance, so that the intended results will be achieved on time.

Examples of tenders we supervised are:
  • Restructuring of Food Center Amsterdam
  • Construction Marker Wadden
  • Development Airport Twente
  • Restructuring caravan site Beukbergen Zeist