Port master planning is an essential part of port design. Looking at the broader picture, it considers from the outset, the feasibility of any new port facility.

Initial port master planning goes a long way to determining a multitude of important considerations from the concept of a project to its completion. It includes detailed analysis surrounding positioning, funding, the environment, economic viability, access, construction phases, security and ongoing maintenance, in fact, everything to ensure a port is utilised to its full potential and is sustainable for the future, whatever its size or function.

We support our clients through all stages of port planning and development. Whether a port is designed to handle passengers, cargo, or both, our specialist consultants fully comprehend and appreciate all facets of port activity and fully appreciate the importance of safe passage. With experience that spans the globe, extending from ports in South America through Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Our consultants will work with you to ensure your specific requirements are handled with expertise.