The marine industries operate in complex global markets and businesses are subject to external forces and constant environmental change.

The ability to read, understand and respond effectively to the range of rapidly moving components which make up your market is essential to the modern company's survival. First Marine can help you do this.

We have extensive global experience in undertaking market research studies and are accredited as one of the leading forecasters of maritime activity. Work can be undertaken at all levels from simple market profiling, to sectoral studies and detailed customer targeting.

First Marine has developed innovative approaches to forecasting, product mix selection, competitor analysis, target marketing, marketing plans and market-led benchmarking. For example, our forecast of newbuilding demand is based on separate forecasts for 35 ship types. This includes small and specialised ship types such as tugs and fishing boats, rather than only the main volume types as is the case with most published forecasts.
Areas of particular specialisation include:

  • Customer targeting - it is often too late for equipment suppliers or shipbuilders to approach an owner to pursue an opportunity once it has become public knowledge. Using customer profiling, we have developed techniques to identify potential customers irrespective of whether they are actively placing orders. Detailed lists of target contacts can be provided to lead marketing activities.
  • In ship repair we are able to provide marketing consultancy at all levels from initial feasibility studies to detailed marketing plans, optimising the agency network, targeting customers and setting up marketing systems.
  • Our understanding of market structure, costs and competitive factors is based on world-wide experience of the industries concerned. In addition, we continuously monitor the markets and the economic conditions surrounding them.
  • Market research is often undertaken alongside technical developments and forms the basis of strategic planning.

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