The ground on which structures are built often poses the greatest risk of cost overrun or delay to any project. Identifying ground related hazards at the earliest possible stage of a proposed project is therefore crucial to allow for informed planning and design decisions to be made and for associated risks to be managed accordingly.

By definition, maritime structures are built at the water’s edge. They are often constructed in areas like estuaries, salt marshes or swamps where ground conditions are particularly poor. In these cases, a good understanding of the ground’s engineering characteristics is a vital element in achieving the safe, serviceable and economical designs that are a necessary part of any successful project.

Geotechnical engineering

Royal HaskoningDHV’s geotechnical expertise is built on years of international experience in maritime design and construction. This geotechnical capability can be tailored to meet your particular project requirements.

Our expertise encompasses all relevant aspects of geotechnical engineering design and project management. Our services range from site characterisation (desk study, risk assessment, ground investigation and interpretation), to sophisticated soil-structure interaction computations. These computations are becoming increasingly necessary to ensure the cost efficient design of complex structures.

Ground investigation

We manage the entire ground investigation process including desk studies, risk assessments, site visits, preliminary surveys, planning, design, tender preparation, contractor selection and contract procurement. Our ground investigation service also includes on-site technical direction, supervision and contract management, specification and supervision of laboratory testing, review of factual reports and interpretation of ground model and design parameters.

Foundation analysis and design

We design and analyse foundations for all types of maritime or maritime related structures and facilities, including quays, piers, jetties, crane rails and gantries, oil and gas storage tanks, retaining walls, bridges and coastal defences, industrial, commercial, high rise and residential buildings.

Retaining wall and slope stabilisation

We undertake assessments and designs for retaining walls for quay structures, flood defences and embankment dams, ground anchorages, soil nails and rock bolts, slope stabilisation and reinforcement as well as soil and rock surveys.

Reclamation and earthworks

We identify sources of fill material for land reclamations and other earthworks requirements. We will also prepare specifications for earthworks construction (deposition, compaction, etc.) or devise ground treatment regimes for the improvement of poor ground.

Forensic analysis and expert witness

We offer forensic analysis and expert witness support for construction projects undergoing litigation.

Information systems for data analysis, modelling and design

We use a variety of information systems and computer software including:

data management and ground modelling (HoleBase), geographical information (GIS), slope stability analysis (SLOPE/W, MStab and TALREN), retaining wall design (WALLAP and MSheet), pile design and pile driving (REPUTE, GRLWeap and in-house programmes), foundation settlement analysis (MSettle), seepage analysis (PLAXFLOW and SEEP) and numerical analysis of complex soil structure interaction (PLAXIS, FLAC and SageCRISP).