Globalisation leads to increased competition in all markets. Therefore, it is necessary to keep investment and operating costs to a minimum. Our logistics experts understand you want to stay ahead of the competition.

Our Solution

We will work with you to optimize your logistics operations. Whether you work in ports and terminals, heavy industry, or dry and liquid bulk, we are well versed in a wide range of logistics challenges. These challenges are centred around physical storage and transportation of goods. That is why our experts are trained Mechanical Engineers who specialise in logistics and transportation engineering.

The Outcome

Our current services in traditional markets are:

  • Evaluating supply chains;
  • Determining requirements for handling equipment;
  • Masterplanning; and
  • Conceptual design.

However, supply chains are becoming increasingly complex and the amount of available data is increasing exponentially. Thus, we see an increasing need for sophisticated data analytics. Our simulation package FlexSim gives us the ability to do in-depth analysis. Our experts are focused on analysing the entire supply chain, including financial aspects and operational excellence (equipment usage, adding value, reducing operating costs). We have the skills and experience necessary to adapt to these developments. We use these skills successfully wherever goods are stored or moved. With us, your supply chains are in good hands!