Today’s logisticians are working in a fast-moving and ever-changing environment. Globalisation leads to increased competition in all markets and companies are driven to minimise the amount of stock held and want to speed up throughput. In short, logistic chains are becoming increasingly complex and the amount of available data is increasing exponentially. Consequently, we are noticing an increasing need for sophisticated data visualisation, analysis, modelling and simulation. Our logistics experts understand that you want to stay ahead of the competition and we will work with you to optimise your logistics processes.

Our Solution

Whether you work in the food industry, heavy industry, chemical industry or port sector, we are well versed in a wide range of logistics challenges. We have in-depth knowledge starting from the complete supply chain down to each and every piece of equipment. Whether we are investigating manufacturing facilities, farm-to-fork or pit-to-port systems, each logistic chain is a delicate balance between optimising equipment utilisation and reducing waiting times. To reach an overall optimum it is crucial to observe the complete logistic chain instead of assessing all components of the chain individually. Our experts are focused on analysing the entire logistic chains, including financial aspects and operational excellence (equipment usage, adding value, reducing operating costs).

Field of Expertise – Logistical Processes

Our current services in various markets include:

  • Optimisation of operations (planning and production);
  • Bottleneck identification and elimination;
  • Sensitivity analyses;
  • Improving factory design and space calculations;
  • Performance measurement and quality improvement;
  • Evaluating and setting KPIs;
  • Selection of equipment;
  • Risk assessment;
  • Optimisation of storage and buffer size;
  • Determining requirements for handling equipment.


Logistic chains quickly become too complex to calculate with basic calculation methods. Therefore, we often use simulation software to model these systems and predict their behaviour. Our simulation models are frequently used as a basis for decision making and plays a significant role in optimising designs and to save costs.

Logistics consultancy | Royal HaskoningDHVLogistics consultancy | Royal HaskoningDHV

The advantage of simulation is that the software will provide valuable insights that help to solve a wide range of business challenges. Our software enables you to optimise space, layout, visualise your operations, identify ways to improve inventory turnover, setting KPIs and increase productivity in operations.

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