Floating dock

Floating docks need substantial infrastructure to function effectively. With our extensive experience of innovative floating dock designs for maritime infrastructure, Royal HaskoningDHV delivers solutions which will enable you to operate a floating dock efficiently and effectively, and enhance your business for minimum investment.

We are experts in all aspects of floating dock infrastructure, providing a complete range of services covering the whole life cycle including:

  • floating dock design
  • floating dock moorings
  • floating dock submergence pit
  • vehicular and personnel access
  • electrical supplies
  • mechanical piped services
  • crane coverage
  • maintenance dredging

We minimise the overall cost of the floating dock and the infrastructure by optimising the competing factors at each location, such as:

  • ship navigational access
  • shipyard operations
  • tranquil wave climate
  • fluvial and tidal currents
  • proximity to adjacent structures
  • ground conditions
  • sedimentation

Mooring types – we select the best mooring concept depending on acceptable movements, forces and space constraints. We have detailed experience of chain moorings, tube-on-dock and fixed vertical tubes including cantilever mono-piles.

Operational access – we maximise operational availability by planning and designing efficient access for people and vehicles. We use modelling techniques to understand the best way of accommodating the floating dock’s horizontal and vertical movements.

Mechanical piped services and power supplies - our experience covers all floating dock arrangements and configurations. We design the vital robust support infrastructure for mechanical piped services and electrical power.

Wave Climate - we plan floating docks locations to minimise the exposure to climate forces. As the greatest threat is potentially from waves, we carry out detailed wave analysis to determine the cost-benefit of harbour structures.