As the owner of a building, plant or industrial complex, you are responsible for a safe living and working environment. In the event of a fire or threat, employees and visitors must be able to evacuate the premises safely and the environment must not constitute a threat to local residents or other companies. Supplementary measures are sometimes necessary to keep damage and injuries to a minimum and safeguard the continuity of the business in case of an emergency.

Comprehensive Fire Safety Plan

A proper fire safety plan is essential for new housing and in existingsituations. This means that all measures applicable in case of fire must be carefully geared towards one another. The Comprehensive Fire SafetyPlan sets out the structural, MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) and organisational measures. When applying for an integrated environmental permit for new housing, the emphasis lies on the structural and MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) measures. In the user stage, the organisation is also of essential importance. All requirements and responsibilities can be laid down in the Comprehensive Fire Safety Plan. Any changes in the building, to systems or in the organisation can then simply be assessed and incorporated. As a certified advisory partner of the (Dutch) Certification Body for Fire Protection and Security, Royal HaskoningDHV is authorised to draw up an appropriate Comprehensive Fire Safety Plan for your organisation.

Existing Situations

The Buildings Decree refers to the Current (Minimum) Quality Level for existing situations. It is therefore important that permits and the existing situation are properly identified and documented. In case of existing buildings, it is often not clear what the design of the situation was in the past. Files are incomplete, permits are not available and buildings haveoften been renovated, resulting in information no longer being accurate. In such cases, on-site inspections are of essential importance since the Current (Minimum) Quality Level corresponds with the existing building,provided that it was built in conformity with the law.

Royal HaskoningDHV’s fire safety consultants study the available documentsprior to inspection, enabling them to form a picture of the measures that are in place, for example the layout of fire compartments. For example, the consultants will examine whether the fire partition is in the right place and whether it satisfies the requirements during the inspection. You will receive a report which sets out the requirements that the building must satisfy and an overview of the necessary measures, including a cost estimate and thespecifications.

Fire Safety Engineering

The requirements of the Buildings Decree are very clear. The requirements which the building must satisfy are clearly prescribed. It often happens that the requirements do not suit the design or designated use, or that the existing situation deviates from this. In such cases, equivalent solutions can be applied. We can often prove the equivalence of the solution by using a "standardised equivalence" (e.g. NEN 6079,NEN 6055, high-rise directive). We can also use other equivalent solutions on the basis of Fire Safety Engineering. Royal HaskoningDHV has theright knowledge and experience to adapt the package of measures closely to the design and the situation so that the fire safety concept optimallysuits your organisation.