We are world renowned for the design of gates for dry docks, locks and impounded basins, having completed over 150 gate projects over 60+ years, designing and developing some of the world’s largest and most innovative cost effective dock gates.

Dock and lock gates

We are market leaders, holding the world record for design of the longest spanning entrance flap gate at 110m.  Our focus is on the quick, reliable and efficient operation of flap gates, with the minimum steel weight and cost. 

Moreover we have developed a highly innovative floating gravity caisson design especially for very wide shipbuilding docks. As a gravity-stabilised gate it can be designed for any entrance widths. The widest at present is 131m. The unique feature of this gate is that it can be fully maintained while in service. 

Every gate has its own set of operational parameters which include: entrance width, retained water height, tidal range, speed of operation, weight limitations, seismic resistance, vessel impact, vehicle loading and reverse hydrostatic loading. 

Our proven track record covers the full spectrum of gate sizes and operational features for both new and replacement gates. We use a unique combination of the latest finite element analysis programmes, in-house software and written calculations to ensure we have full confidence in the gate’s structural integrity and operational characteristics. 

In addition to carrying out the structural design of dock and lock gates by finite element analysis when necessary, our service includes preparation of ballasting, buoyancy and stability calculations and procedures for the installation, operation and maintenance of gates.  All our gate designs have a high level of innovation, leading to significant cost savings through steelwork reduction and improved operational efficiencies. We take full account of the unique parameters of each gate design, including operation, manoeuvring and maintenance. Our track record covers the complete range of gate sizes and operational features, both new and replacement:

  • Dry dock entrance gates
    • Flap gates: box, cantilever, propped
    • Floating caisson gates: spanning, gravity
    • Mitre gates
  • Dry dock intermediate gates
    • Inverted “Y”
    • Lambda
  • Lock gates
    • Ship lock: sliding, rolling
    • Marina lock: double sector, single sector, delta, mitre, flap
  • Water/flood control gates

Read more in the Dock and Lock Gates brochure

Lock and Dock gates

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