Soil is literally the foundation of a sustainable living environment. Whether it is industrial operations, purchase or sale of land, change in site use or site development, there is a considerable chance that you will encounter soil related issues or liabilities.

The liabilities related to soil and groundwater contamination from historical or recent industrial activities is often a decisive factor in operations, land transactions or site development. Understanding the actual risks allows for a tailored approach in controlling these liabilities.

Royal HaskoningDHV has been actively working on Contaminated Land projects since the 1980’s. We are involved in the innovation of soil research and remediation, the legal framework and follow the developments herein closely. Our professionals work in close cooperation with colleagues from other disciplines and our offices worldwide.

We can span the whole process of site remediation. From soil, sediment and groundwater surveys, risk assessment and modelling to site remediation, on-site supervision and monitoring. Our professionals develop tailormade master plans which reflect client requirements, including operational, strategic and financial goals, and meet legislative obligations. We are committed to a sustainable and efficient approach for your project and will identify any possible opportunities for the (re)use of the soil at an early stage in the project.

The range of our technical capabilities is reflected in the following themes:

Services Soil and Groundwater investigation:

  • Soil, sediment and groundwater investigation (fieldwork, analysis, advice)
  • Monitoring of soil and groundwater contamination
  • Ground gas monitoring design, implementation and assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Asbestos in soil
  • Services Groundwater

  • Groundwater modeling
  • Groundwater contamination distribution modeling
  • Groundwater drainage
  • Groundwater monitoring networks
  • Groundwater extraction
  • Services soil remediation and management

  • Remediation plans
  • Cost estimates
  • Design and contracting documentation
  • Tender management
  • Contractor management
  • Environmental site supervision
  • Quantity surveying
  • Health and Safety during remediation execution
  • Contaminated soil treatment and disposal
  • Other Services

  • Due Diligence
  • Training
  • Risk management
  • Site management Plans
  • Regulatory Liaison
  • Legal aspects and soil policy, legal disputes
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Stakeholder management
  • Strategy Papers
  • Second Opinion