Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is the technique which simulates fluid and gas flow with help of advanced software. The equations which describe the motion, the energy exchange and the mass transfer are solved using numerical methods.

CFD can provide the full 3D distribution of velocity, pressure, temperature, concentrations, turbulence intensity and length scales in the model. Changes in the virtual model are easy to make, therefore CFD can predict in short time which design changes are most efficient. It is possible to have a preview of all wanted scenarios: safety measures and changes in the project can already be decided in the designing phase, when they are yet easy and cheap to perform.

As well as carrying out the simulations, our service includes support in design phase. It starts with doing preliminary research to see if CFD is needed or not. In some cases the problem can be simply be solved with our years of experience. Our strength is giving full support to the design team in finding the optimal solution to a design problem, which makes possible to achieve the best design at the lowest cost.

Computational Fluid Dynamics | Royal HaskoningDHV

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