Climate change is one of the greatest challenges to industry, organisations and the environment.  As a direct result of human activity, industrial and everyday emissions of greenhouse gases are accumulating in the atmosphere.  The potential impacts of climate change are varied around the world, but include higher temperatures, increased storm frequency and intensity, and rising sea levels, leading to reduced availability of natural resources and damages to both land and property.

Increasingly, financial decisions are taking into account an organisation’s carbon footprint and their susceptibility and risk to a changing climate.  Climate change therefore represents one of the largest opportunities for organisations to re-think their actions and activities to benefit the environment and society as a whole.  We also recognise the importance of keeping up to date with current thinking surrounding this global issue.  We can provide advice to organisations to help reduce this risk and secure long term financial investment. 









Royal HaskoningDHV offers its clients a range of bespoke services and expert knowledge to help them undertake a Carbon Assessment, understand their Carbon Footprint and how they can implement targeted reduction strategies, such as Energy Optimisation and Carbon Offsetting.  

Carbon Assessment

We provide our clients with clear, concise carbon assessments to help them understand their ‘footprint’ using internationally recognised standards such as The Greenhouse Gas Protocol.  This serves as a starting point for organisations to consider how to address their individual footprint and impact.  We also assist clients with compliance reporting, such as the revised UK Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting requirements.

Reduction Strategies

We assist our clients by providing carbon reduction strategies that are bespoke to their individual circumstances.  This is achieved through a detailed review of the carbon sources and their impacts, to identify relevant management and technological reduction techniques.  Where required, we can also support clients in achieving net zero targets. To minimise carbon impacts, we seek to apply the carbon reduction hierarchy, as set out below:

Climate Impact and Assessment

We also consider the potential impacts of Climate Change to an organisation or project, and advise on measures to reduce their vulnerability climate related effects.  We also prepare Climate Adaptation Actions Plans for operators and Local Regulators. Adaptation involves reducing risk and vulnerability, seeking new opportunities and building the capacity of nations,  regions,  cities,  the  private  sector,  communities,  individuals,  and  natural  systems  to  cope  with climate impacts, as well as mobilising that capacity by implementing decisions and actions.

Energy Optimisation

We provide sustainability advice and design solutions throughout all project stages, undertaking a range of activities from concept stage energy strategies to full detailed design solutions. Our experienced team includes CIBSE registered Low Carbon Consultants with a proven record of delivering low carbon solutions. We are also able to provide Energy & ESOS Assessments to help our clients achieve compliance with mandatory energy consumption legislation.