We provide a unique combination of knowledge in chemicals management, safety and engineering to deliver cost effective and sustainable organisational and technical solutions. A full range of REACH services, from consortium management and preparation of technical dossiers to chemical safety reports and applications for authorisation included.

Our experts prepare and submit lead and individual registration dossiers and support clients with both their REACH strategy and day-to-day practical operations. Our team has successfully prepared and submitted dozens of dossiers, including applications for authorisation.

Worldwide compliance with GHS is another challenge, with changes in classification and labelling by EU-CLP affecting processes in companies and supply chains. We deliver services from technical support to total solutions, including regulatory consultancy and compliance checks, GHS/CLP implementation, CLP notification and (re-)classification of substances and mixtures.

Compliant Safety Data Sheets are crucial for sustaining client relationships. We provide a full safety data sheet service including preparation of the extended SDS (eSDS) annex. We use an automated SDS system (The Wercs) and can also advise on organisational and technical implementation of information from the eSDS.

Regulatory regimes are increasingly enforcing submission of notification dossiers before new chemicals can be placed on the market, similar to the REACH registration obligation. Worldwide compliance will be provided by strategic planning of test programs and registration strategies to complete dossier preparation and submission.
Implementing chemical control regulations will affect the risk management measures, operational conditions and communications of the whole supply chain, from manufacturers to users.