Chemical substances should be manufactured and used safely, for the protection of public health and the environment. Companies that produce, import, distribute, and make use of chemical substances have the responsibility for assessing the risks involved and, if necessary, take measures to protect people and the environment. Our chemical safety consultants offer support to companies, know the relevant legislation and provide support in finding cost-effective as well as sustainable solutions for safe manufacture and use of chemicals.

Common questions regarding chemicals management and safety

  • Is my substance hazardous and would it pose a risk?
  • How should I, as a producer or (end) user, utilise the available REACH-information?
  • Why should the substance inventory of your company be up-to-date and how can this be guaranteed?
  • How should I deal with (potential) Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs)?
  • How do I know if my use is included in the supplier's eSDS?
  • How should information regarding chemical safety be translated to practical workplace instructions?
  • How can I evaluate the risks and ensure safe use of a mixture?


  • With REACH, an abundance of (new) substance information has become available. It is a challenging task to correctly interpret and use all this information. A periodic check may be useful to determine if your business fulfils the obligations that are relevant to you, and to bring a product safely to the market. This can be done, for example, by performing a quick scan which can provide you with direct insights into the important focus areas for your business.
  • Concerns regarding SVHCs require a thorough understanding of the production, identification and emission of these substances. The authorities are addressing SVHCs with priority. For licensed activities, the competent authority generally includes regulations for emission control, and requires continuous (process) improvement. It is, thus, important to understand which potential SVHCs are used in the supply chain, whether these substances are considered SVHC, and which measures would need to be taken.
  • Availability of proper information and instructions at the workplace is essential for safe working. By using and applying user-friendly tools to check compliance with (the correct) limit values and the use of adequate personal protection, occupational accidents can be prevented.

The chemicals management team of Royal HaskoningDHV is experienced in compliance checks, SVHC assessments, preparation of REACH dossiers and safety data sheets (SDS), CLP / GHS implementation, authorization applications, inquiry and monitoring of tests at contract laboratories, exposure assessments, substance identification, derivation of limit values, FCMs, UVCBs and endocrine disrupting chemicals.

If you or your company have questions related to the above topics, please contact us. Our available expertise includes:

  • Knowledge of chemicals management and regulatory affairs
  • Chemistry
  • Ecotoxicology
  • Toxicology
  • Risk assessment
  • Occupational hygiene

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