At Royal HaskoningDHV we assist our clients create new opportunities wherever the land meets the sea.

Breakwaters provide sheltered areas and allow new industrial and urban facilities to grow. Dredging allows larger more efficient shipping to take new and more direct routes. Reclamation creates high value growth opportunities in areas where no existing land is available.

Often these three elements are combined within a single development. At Royal HaskoningDHV we have a unique track record in providing clear, focused and integrated advice to our clients.

We have been involved in breakwater design for over 100 years, typically contributing to more than twenty breakwater projects every year. We have designed breakwaters in more than 90 countries around the world, we have particular world-leading expertise in the field of designing economic breakwaters in areas of deep soft soil, and many of the breakwaters that we have designed have also been built.

On dredging projects our expertise extends beyond the technical design of the dredging work itself. We cover navigation channel design, fast time navigation simulation, advance numerical modelling of sediment dispersal, siltation, current and wave effects, and environmental impact assessments.

For reclamation projects we bring a deep understanding of the complex geotechnical issues that need to be carefully controlled to achieve a stable, high-quality reclamation platform. This helps us give realistic and practical advice to our clients on balancing speed of construction against limitation of future unwanted settlement. We are also often appointed to undertake forensic evaluations of reclamation failures on behalf of clients and their insurers.

With our strong reputation for providing high-quality, practical advice we are commissioned to work on a wide variety of assignments. Whether you’re looking for support on a large-scale, high-profile, strategic development, or small, focused studies and advisories looking at a specific aspect of a project, our experts will be able to assist.