A Bridge with a view

Inspiration for the design of the Wildlife Bridge Zeepoort comes from the Parkway over which the bridge spans, designed by landscape architect Leonard Springer. Careful attention has been given to maintaining and even strengthening the Parkway concept. Our objective was to make a design free of obstacles and one that is integrated seamlessly into the landscape. The motorist should inevitably feel one with nature while passing under the bridge.
Wildlife Bridge Zeepoort | Royal HaskoningDHV

The Wildlife Bridge Zeepoort is planned at the site of a remarkable dune ridge where high sand dunes define one’s view from all sides. The construction of the Zeeweg resulted in a gap in this distinctive relief, which will be subtly effectively mended by the bridge and its arch shape, as if it were a continuation of the curves of the dunes.

The reinforcement of the current relief fits within the overall landscape design of the Parkway, heeding to the natural relief of the landscape. The motto of being one with the landscape is thus continued above the Parkway.
Wildlife Bridge Zeepoort | Royal HaskoningDHV

The loop for the bicycle bridge is also simple in design. The 235 metre long ramp is divided into equal spans of 16 metres, fitted with a central steel torsion beam with steel crossbars. The last span towards the arch is larger and is supported by the forked steel stair stringer, a choice that has to do with the underground presence of a large cooling water pipe. The bicycle bridge is finished with an elegant handrail of steel bars.
Wildlife Bridge Zeepoort | Royal HaskoningDHV

ClientBAM InfraPeriod2015
LocationBloemendaal, the NetherlandsServicesArchitecture, Landscape Design, Structural Design
ScopeWildlife Bridge, 94 metre x 45 metre, main span 42 metreTeamJoris Smits, Sven Spierings, Arthur Blankenspoors

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