The Challenge

The demand for aviation in Sydney will double over the next 20 years, yet the current airport cannot accommodate this demand alone. A second airport is therefore to be developed in Western Sydney, approximately 40km from Sydney’s CBD. In conjunction with the development of the new airport, the government of New South Wales is pushing for socio-demographic development around it. As a result, the Western Sydney area is expected to welcome an additional 800k population within 15 years. The new airport requires a development plan for urban growth, infrastructure, transportation and accessibility for jobs.

Our Solution

NACO performed a high-level assessment of the new airport market position, forecast and direct economic output. Specifically, the market position in the multi-airport system with SYD was analysed, to determine the prerequisites to attract different types of airlines and passengers. Key assessment criteria include the governance arrangements, governmental policies and strategy development work to fit the airport and urban development within the Greater Sydney region.

The Outcome – Framework for the Development of the Sustainable Aerotropolis

Key outcomes for the development of sustainable aerotropolis:

  • Addressed the economic potential of Western Sydney and paved the way for more than a million direct and indirect jobs in Western Sydney;
  • Assessed the transport and infra strategy for Western Sydney and introduced the smart infrastructure to further optimise urban conditions;
  • Outlined the Sydney district guiding principles “productivity, liveability and sustainability” in the development of land use strategy for Western Sydney.
  • To safeguard the future, it is recommended to look beyond the planning horizon of the airport and safeguard land for future expansion. Clearly defined the limitation on expansion areas in relation to defence, cultural heritage sites, natural reserves, flood plains, and air traffic restrictions (aircraft noise).
  • Provided ingredients towards development of lean and efficient regulatory structure for developing the aerotropolis.

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