The Challenge

NACO and ECADI delivered the winning design for the new passenger terminal building at Urumqi Diwopu International Airport. Next challenge, after winning the design competition the team has continued to work on the next phase of the project. To further develop the terminal area masterplan and passenger terminal design by improving the passenger experience, inspired by the cultural landscape and assuring spatial flexibility for future expansion.

Our Solution

Strategically located in Eurasia, Ürümqi Airport is set to be one of the future aviation hubs of the Silk Road Economic Belt and connecting China with Central Asia and Europe. Our team delivered a terminal design which will, in the short term, accommodate 32 million passengers annually with the aim of ultimately accommodating 50 million annual passengers to cater for the airport’s future growth. The layout of the new North Terminal Area is straightforward and efficient. Three straight concourses connect to a centralized terminal processor facility. Both the concourses, as well as the central processor, can be easily expanded to accommodate a higher passenger throughput in the far future.

The Outcome – Flexible terminal design and terminal area master plan

Key outcomes for the development are:

  • The step change from a traditional multiple terminal building concept to a ‘one terminal concept’, combined with the simple and efficient design, ensuring future flexibility and expandability;
  • The centralized 400,000 m2 processor facility provides optimal efficiency for airline operations and the configuration reduces walking distances for passengers and provides short and quick transfers, result in improved passenger experience.
  • The terminal area master plan is compact and improves the efficiency of land use as much as possible.
  • The overall design encompasses sustainability features like provision for natural light, spatial reservation for solar energy garden and an ecological corridor.

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