PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk wants to expand its business by building a new plant complex. The complex consists of a warehouse for raw materials, a production building and a finished goods warehouse. In front of this, there is a special building for the display of products as well as demonstration to the end users.

The skin of this special building was designed as a display for images, product names etc. that can be changed at short intervals. Because the products is for women only and the workers are almost 100% female, the client insisted on a soft, curved, pasted-coloured feminine design. 

The scope covered the master-planning of the factory complex, consist of production area, raw material warehouse, finished good warehouse and the special building for Display Products.

The resulting product from the factory with a capacity 53,000 tons per year are Vaseline, Pond’s, Dove, Lux, Lifebuoy and Citra. These products are manufactured not only to meet domestic market, but also to other Asian countries market.

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