Royal HaskoningDHV Assists with applying Take Back Chemicals to optimize the value of material streams, reducing overall costs and environmental impact of the galvanization process.
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The Challenge

Tessenderlo Chemie NV is a Belgian company which, amongst other things, supplies hydrochloric acid to the galvanization industry where it is used for cleaning steel immediately before galvanization (zinc coating). A specific side stream – spent pickling liquor - that results from this process is valuable to Tessenderlo Chemie due to the presence of ferrous-chloride in the liquor. 

Applying the business model of Take Back Chemicals was identified as a next step to optimize the value of material streams returned to Tessenderlo, reducing overall costs and the environmental impact of the galvanization process. The innovative Take Back Chemicals approach results in more efficient chemical use, less waste, and relief from regulations.

The Solution

In a partnership with MIP, Essenscia and A-Worx, Royal HaskoningDHV has tailored the application of the Take Back Chemicals model to Tessenderlo Chemies’ specific requirements for hydrochloric acid and the spent pickling liquor. 

Until now, the management and costs of these side streams has been the responsibility of the galvanizer, but it proved difficult to monitor this adequately. By working with those responsible for applying hydrochloric acid, a new collaborative framework was set up. Tessenderlo Chemie takes up a share of responsibility in the monitoring and management of the pickling liquor. 
This allows the collaborating companies to tweak the pre-galvanizing process, optimizing in terms of quality and speed, and increasing the share of valuable side streams. 

A full Take Back Chemicals model, where payment is based on the function that the hydrochloric acid fulfills – the cleaning of metal surface – was not feasible due to the diversity in processed objects. Instead, a payment base was set up, creating a continuous driver for improvement and generating economic and environmental benefits. 

The Outcome

Tessenderlo Chemie has the advantage of increased revenues from material that is taken back (spent pickling liquor containing ferrous chloride), and an enforced relationship with its customers of hydrochloric acid
The supplier benefits from lower production costs as the value of side streams is increased optimized use of hydrochloric acid, resulting in higher quality pre-galvalization and faster production times.  

This new approach also improves the environmental footprint of the overall process of production and usage of hydrochloric acid and ferrous chloride, thanks to lower energy and material consumption, and reduced emissions.