The Symbio bridge is the winning design that came out of an architectural competition held among students of TU Delft, organised by Recreatieschap Midden Delfland, the Municipality of Delft and TU Delft. The author of the winning design, Rafail Gkaidatzis, now works as an architect at Royal HaskoningDHV. His first task is to elaborate his design under supervision of Joris Smits, who initiated the competition.

Symbio Bridge | Royal HaskoningDHV Architects
Located on the edge of the transition between urban and rural landscape,  the Symbio bridge translates and incorporates the Genius Loci of each side into one structure. From the south, the polders of Midden Delfland is reflected by a steel truss structure in bright red. The shell shaped truss with smooth corners mimics an organic forms found in nature, such as a bone, a leaf or a cell. From the north, the Science Park Technopolis reflects innovation and knowledge. These aspects have been translated through the deck of the bridge that is made out of Fibre Reinforced Plastics. The deck has a fluent shape that changes while crossing the bridge, reflecting the rapid changes in technological evolution. Sitting and resting spaces are part of the deck and its continuous parapets.

Symbio Bridge | Royal HaskoningDHV Architects

The marriage between nature and innovation conveys a message; our technological advance finds its origin in nature itself. That is why the name Symbio bridge is derived from the Greek words συν “together” and βιωσις “living”. The name depicts the close and long term interaction between nature and technology, two elements that have found a symbiotic coexistence in the Symbio Bridge.

Symbio Bridge | Royal HaskoningDHV Architects

Symbio Bridge | Royal HaskoningDHV Architects

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Facts & numbers

ClientRecreatieschap Midden Delfland
The Netherlands
40 meter x 10 meter
2014 - 2015
Expertise Architecture, Landscape Design, Project Management, Cost Management, Structural Design
TeamDesign by Rafail Gkaidatzis. Supervision by Joris Smits. projectleader Kevin Colwell, structural advice Ton Boeters, cost calculations Henk Meinderts

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