When our design for a new factory and headquarters for a global confectionery and food manufacturer was benchmarked by a leading university, our solution proved to be more sustainable for lower cost.

Easy maintenance and flexibility for expansion

The new facility incorporates production and packaging lines with flexibility for expansion and ease of maintenance. LEED certified, it is advanced in terms of materials used and energy efficiency. The architecture is outstanding, creating an iconic building for the regional HQ, which is very different in look and feel to the average industrial project. Assessed by a university, it was clear that we were delivering clever sustainable solutions at a more affordable price.

Designing for volatility in consumer demand

Our solutions for FMCG clients take account of the fact that demand is likely to be volatile. In this case, we saw that historically, the width of production lines increased over time. Our design for the floor, energy and drainage connections provided the flexibility to accommodate different machine sizes at a later date.

Darryl Tjin Wong Joe, Technical Director Buildings and Industry Middle East, North Africa and Turkey, said: "Flexibility and robust design don’t need to cost more. Being aware of ever-changing consumer demands, we ensure solutions that are easy to adapt in a flexible way without major disruption or the need to break up the floor. We apply the principle that we want to save our client money, not just now but into the future when they expand or make changes to the production lines."