The city of Stellenbosch – South-Africa, is struggling with a number of urban issues, that are quite common to cities, but nevertheless very inconvenient. Congestions is huge, the streets are full of (parked) cars, and large scale infrastructure divides the city in two (or more) parts. It disables the young and growing international population to enjoy the monumental scenery and potentially pleasant outdoor atmosphere. It frustrates the business climate, thus also preventing the city to grow economically.

Our solution is to re-connect the rich network on public spaces, by creating a transport back-bone. Congestion is solved, and public realm is boosted. New homes can be realized in our plan, new jobs are created, and a vibrant city center is added to the already very pleasant city of Stellenbosch.

The plan was presented to the mayor and her alderman, who all embraced this plan for the future. The next steps of the project will be to create an extensive Integrated T.O.D & Sustainable Mobility Vision, consisting of e.g. a Market and Business Plan, a Detailed urban plan, Road design, and a Project Organization & Implementation Strategy.

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Friedemann Römhild

Senior Urban Designer & Project Manager

Rotterdam, NL

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