Located at the foot of lime-stone Palava Hills and surrounded with the wine-yards Musov Lakes belongs to the warmest places of the Czech Republic. It wasn’t piece of luck when Romans built here their own spa and military camp at the beginning of first millennium. Musov Lakes was originally built to protect the lower parts of Thaya river-basin from floods. Currently the lakes are one of hottest pools of growing economic development based on tourism in the Southern Moravia not only due to the good weather. Some 20 years ago, when investigating the oil resources at the northern parts of Danube river-basin, geologists found several extremely productive sources of geothermal and mineral water (48oC). Two of them are located at the banks of Musov Lakes. We have been called by regional governments to execute several studies outlining the potential infrastructure and tourism development of Wellness & Spa resort at the lakes. We have been working on that project since 2004 whereas the last study has been delivered to the client in the first half of 2009. Multidisciplinarity which is our comparative advantage at the Czech consulting and planning markets allows us to deliver comprehensive portfolio of services, starting from business and feasibility planning, through hydrogeology tests and ending with making the application towards the allocation of ERDF funds.

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