Solar Cell Factory Photovoltech

Based on the increasing demand of solar cells, Photovoltech extended its existing solar cell factory by 27.600m2. The extension features a multi-layer production facility with great flexibility.

The first floor contains all technical utilities related to the upper production floors. By positioning the various shafts on the outside of the building, no valuable floor area is compromised and maximum flexibility is maintained.

In order to ensure a sleek building envelope, we designed a curtain like facade which wraps around the shafts. This way, future technical modifications can be made without affecting the building’s appearance.

The sloping terrain made it possible to incorporate a 100 car parking garage below the first floor. Because the shafts do not extend to the ground, the building seems to hover above the cars. The contrasting blue color of the parking garage emphasizes this effect.

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Facts & numbers

27,600 m2 GFA
2008 - 2010
Expertise Architecture
Team Robert Collignon, Stefan Kolen

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