The Shell International Exploration and Production complex in Rijswijk has been fully renovated and renewed.

Phase 3 of the master plan includes the construction of a Learning Centre, a laboratory building and the renovation of site utilities.

The complex has a number of specific functions. The Learning Centre is the training facility where Shell employees follow training related to the typical activities of Shell EP. The Learning Centre consists of flexible classrooms, teaching labs, model areas and specially designed workplaces for 270 students per day and more than 5000 students per year.

The Small Scale Lab has been designed with an eye on transparency and openness, whereby the interaction between various research departments is improved. This openness results in optimal intra-departmental and information exchange between research employees.

The Large Scale Lab consists of various experimentation halls, has a height of approximately 21m, and is where large installations can be realised indoors. The Outdoor Experimental Area is an area between the Large and Small Scale Labs, where open-air structures for experiments can be realised which, due to ventilation or safety considerations, cannot be carried out inside the building.

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Facts & numbers

ClientShell International EP
The Netherlands
33,000 m2
2003 - 2006
Expertise Architecture

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