Room for the River - Lent East. © Dirk Oomen/oomenlandschap

High quality and tight schedule

Commissioned by the Municipality of Nijmegen, Royal HaskoningDHV (secretary, project management), Antea and Stroming drafted the design for the redevelopment of the Nijmegen district north of the river Waal. With a team of over 200 people, we succeeded to produce a design that is feasible and has all the permits that are required within one year. The plan increases water safety and spatial quality, and is supported by the local population and other stakeholders. In 2011 the project has been awarded the Top Honor Award for Waterfront Development. The high quality of the plan was one of the reasons why the project ran ahead on schedule during execution.

Unique riverside park in the heart of Nijmegen

The main aim of the plan is to provide additional room for the river Waal by relocate the Lentse dike 350 meters inwards. A canal with a depth of 10 meter and a width of 200 meter is created in the new flood plain. During high discharges this canal flows together with the Waal. A part of the old dike is redesigned as an island opposite the historical center of Nijmegen. The island offers unprecedented opportunities for living, working, sports and nature. It is a unique riverside park, where people can experience the dynamics of the river.

Integrated plan with international appeal

From river engineering, groundwater hydraulics and building bridges to ecology, urban planning and risk management: this complex project needed the deployment of a multitude of disciplines. With our vast experience in integrated planning, we have put this knowledge together in a powerful design. The unique combination of flood protection and urban development attracts national and international attention.

Between 2003 and 2015 Royal HaskoningDHV was continuously involved in the project in all stages; starting with the first quick scans; via plans and contract; upto the delivery of the project.

The Room for the River Waal plan is winner of the Top Honor Award of the Excellence on the Waterfront competition in New York City in October 2011. The plan’s scale, the complex multidisciplinary approach and the communication with the local community impressed the jury.