New Babylon building

This building forms an integral complex with the previous construction of the underground parking of 30.000 m2 (PA) and the tram viaduct of Randstadrail (RR). Above the garage a building of some 20.000 m2 is realised.

During the construction of the underground parking the foundations of the building above were realised while the building was still in the development phase.

The new building of Babylon is unusual in its appearance. The two residential towers rise far above the building they are flanking. The structure of these towers consists of in situ poured concrete with tunnel form. The adjacent office buildings are entirely made of precast concrete. Steel is implemented in various storey high trusses, which are needed among other things to build above the existing hotel. Design and implementation are strongly influenced by the presence of the existing Babylon Complex, which is only partly demolished.

By far the largest steel construction is the three dimensional truss structure which forms the support of a bridge spanning the existing hotel Babylon. What is remarkable about the façade is that the architect, Meyer and Van Schooten, emphasises the diagonals of the structure just as in the rest of the design while not showing the verticals.