Our client, which specialises in packaging systems for FMCG companies, has used our dynamic simulation technology to give them a competitive edge. It reduces costs and increases quality for their customers. The challenge facing our client was that when designing highly complex systems, they needed to prove the validity of their proposal to close the sale. Their customers wanted to correlate the value of the investment with the available gains, and optimise solutions to find the right balance between cost and performance.

Making difficult decisions with confidence

Traditional spreadsheet calculations were simply not able to predict performance of complex systems in the detail required. Our client identified the need to revise its design practice to adopt models that could accept variability of inputs and outputs and the effect of inter-connected rules of governance and control. They chose WITNESS simulation software provided by Lanner, a company of Royal HaskoningDHV, for all their modelling requirements. It allows them to use innovative logic to contain the risks of innovation and start-up times without affecting live systems. In turn it enables their customers to make difficult decisions with more confidence.

Unique competitive advantage

They use 3D-modelling, simulation and experimentation to virtually simulate the new packaging environment, avoiding test hours and machine stops on real production lines. The resulting benefit for their customers is less time for design, faster start times of plants, increased quality, efficiency and competitiveness, and improved communication. For our client, the solution has provided a unique advantage compared to its competitors.