The national strategic vision set forth in the Emerging Senegal Plan (PSE) identifies the need for change to accelerate the country’s progress toward emerging market status.
Relocating the Port, to develop a new and modern port in a green field setting, combined with regeneration of the prime location of the old port, strategically located very close to the city center of Dakar, is believed to boost the economy of Dakar. DP World asked Royal HaskoningDHV to develop the master plan for this development.



Good accessibility and growth space for the new port
The port of Dakar is an important driver of economic growth. It has seen its throughput grow to 13.4 million ton in 2014, coming from 10.3 M tonnes in 2010. The port is expected to grow further in the decade to come, but the existing location cannot provide that space. The new location, at the eastern boundary of Dakar, offers this space, combined with much better accessibility by road and rail, so the port can grow further much faster.



Golden opportunity for Dakar to grow it’s CBD
The city center of Dakar is surrounded by water, limiting the growth of this economic center of West-Africa. Phasing out the port, provides lots of opportunities for Dakar: The Central Business Center can grow, with a vibrant waterfront, public boulevards, attractive marinas etc.

Of course this huge project cannot be realized overnight, and should be phased prudently. Both to enable the port activities to keep going, and to add urban hectare to Dakar at an attractive development pace (keep the m2 scarce to a certain degree).


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