In the ‘Development Plan 2011 – 2016’, the Government of Suriname indicates that the investment opportunities and industrial development in Suriname will be improved. The target is to create a highly diversified national economy that is less dependent on traditional mono-production such as mining. Setting up the Paranam Industrial Commercial Park (PICP) is considered to achieve this by providing a physically attractive system for investors and entrepreneurs, legal, financial and institutional environment, in ensuring sustainable economic development.

The expected positive effects of PICP include: contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), creating additional jobs, moving of industries from Paramaribo and thus improving the environment there, increasing foreign exchange earnings and contributions to regional development.

The Government of Suriname and the Inter American Development Bank entrusted ILACO Suriname NV, in association with RHDHV, with the preparation of the Paranam Industrial & Commercial Park project. The total area to be developed is approximately 2,500 hectares of which 1,000 residential. The project comprises of 4 components: Design of a master plan, Institutional arrangements, Operational framework and Tender documents for strategic urban interventions.

The final versions of the PICP Masterplan, Management structure, the Business & Marketing Plan and the specifications for site preparation of Phase 1 have been completed.

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