Royal De Heus, a global animal feed supplier, was looking to develop a general layout masterplan that will serve as a blueprint for all future production facilities in Asia and Africa. The design will be adjusted according to local requirements. Royal De Heus is seeking for a data-driven approach to validate and de-risk the final design. They have developed a base design for evaluation and are also looking to compare performance of an alternative design for the entrance, weighbridge, gatehouse, and truck parking area.

Royal HaskoningDHV built a basic model over the client’s site layout plan and added real-world truck arrivals derived from their data, movements, and process flows. Simulation model outputs were analysed to provide insights on process bottlenecks and design considerations. A second model was built over the alternate layout and the results between the models were compared directly to test which performs better.


  • Identification of key bottlenecks in site entrance area design which reduced site throughput and performance
  • Recommendations to masterplan site design based on traffic safety considerations and efficiency insights from model
  • Dynamic model of masterplan for continuous use with slight customisation in data and design for each new site
  • Return of investment within the projects based on CAPEX savings
  • Validation and comparison of two designs to recommend the more efficient design with better overall performance:
    • Increase in overall site throughput capability
    • Reduction in average truck throughput time
    • Reduction of delays in dock processing/under-utilisation of docks due to bottleneck processes (substantial increase average dock utilisation during operational hours)

'This project has made a good contribution to the solution of logistical bottlenecks. The utilisation of the logistics routing has been optimised. This has resulted in the fact that we now need to switch less quickly to an additional investment, which we would have done in the past.’
Responsible Global Project Manager (De Heus)

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