Our client had 30 sites under consideration for the location of a new manufacturing plant in the United Kingdom. Through assessments of various factors in a structured process to narrow down the options, we helped snack manufacturer Jack Link’s identify the ideal location for its investment.

Jack Link’s is an American food company which produces protein-based snacks. They have a manufacturing operation in Germany and were looking to bring their activities closer to their consumers in the United Kingdom with a new greenfield facility.

Shortlist identified using multiple criteria and weighted scores

They asked our business case team to identify the best location for the new site. We assessed the original longlist of 30 sites on the basis of size of plot, cost of freehold and proximity to any facility that might produce airborne pollution. We subjected the resulting 10 sites to a multi-factor analysis based on: proximity to partner locations; current distribution locations; and zones where government incentives including grants or subsidies were available.

This pinpointed three potential locations. Our results were presented in an interactive report enabling quick and easy review of the advantages and disadvantages of each location.