Omnisports Center Apeldoorn, the Netherlands

The Omnisports Center in Apeldoorn is the first indoor athletics track and velodrome in the Netherlands. The building includes also a volleyball hall that meets all requirements for international top volleyball competition.

Both halls are made of steel. More than 1,500 tons of steel have been used and the largest span is over 100 meters. Between the halls is a central services section situated with facilities such as changing rooms and catering.

The athletics track and velodrome are impressive: this circular hall, with a diameter of more than 100 m, is completely free of columns. To make this possible, five meters high steel trusses were used.

Stands have been built in the hall on two levels. The 'lower stand' is located directly above the velodrome and follows the oval shape of this track. On the south side of the hall is the 'upper stand' situated. This stand has been constructed as a completely pre-fabricated self-supporting concrete structure. A special feature is the well-designed V-shaped columns.

In total, these stands provide space to 5,000 fixed seats. The facade of the athletics track and velodrome is finished with semi-transparent plastic panels in different colors, giving the building a special appearance at night.

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