Olde Maten and Veerslootlanden

The area of Olde Maten and Veerslootlanden (total 993 ha) located in the municipalities of Staphorst and Zwartewaterland in the Netherlands is being redeveloped by DLG, commissioned by the province of Overijssel. The aim of this project is to conserve nature, preserve and develop the natural values, as recorded in the land development plan adopted in 1994. The main function in the area will be natural wetland together with extensive agriculture and extensive shared recreation. The measures include increasing acreage of marshland and open surface water expansion. In addition, hydrological conditions will be created to promote development of quaking bog and the desired natural target areas.

Royal HaskoningDHV was initially asked to draft the contract and to supervise the tender. However, the development plan as it stood was not feasible with the available budget.

Together with DLG the design was optimised in such a way that the project was feasible, could be executed and maintain the objectives.  It is based on the methodology which is now known as Best Value Management (BVM). Examples of the optimisation are:

  • the so-called "Wet Axle", a wide watercourse in the area. By optimising the design on the basis of targets and functions the width has been reduced from 100 metres to 30 metres
  • the functional requirements for a eco passage, which crosses a canal and a road, are completed based on ecological efficiency, landscaping requirements and limitations due to the presence of a gas pipe
  • the marsh area that was included in the provincial planning on the basis of objectives for the region has been greatly reduced and incorporated in the design

Royal HaskoningDHV has ultimately elaborated the development plan for this project into a fitting and appropriate final design, prepared the contracts (divided in soil and structural works contracts) for the redevelopment and prepared the tender guidance on ground and structural works and prepared guidance for the tender and current guides using system-based contract management (SCB) implementation

The project leader of DLG for the team of Royal HaskoningDHV commented: “A reliable and enthusiastic contractor who understands business!”

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