Brno (380,000) is second largest city in Czech Republic where many international businesses has its operations located (among other Royal HaskoningDHV). Anyway, BRQ has no air connectivity with the hubs and its performance (annually cca 500,000 pax) is at 1/3 of the designed capacity (1,500,000 pax). Only charter flights and point-to-point low cost airliners operate their flights from/to BRQ. Thus business passengers are leaking to Vienna or to Prague. The owner of the BRQ airport Southern Moravian Government joined sources with the City of Brno and called for our services supported by InterVistas professional inputs. The main objective was to analyze the catchment area of BRQ whether is there any potential for the recapture of leaking passengers which would represent the business case for the air route to one of the hubs in Europe. Munich was identified by our team as the best option. Main features of the business case have been introduced to Lufthansa within their site days in Brno. In 2011 we deliver final report to the Client and Lufthansa opened again the case of scheduled flights between Brno and Munich. Negotiation is still ongoing in 2014.

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