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ClientWater Authority Vechtstromen
More informationProject website (nl)
Wastewater type Municipal
Location & start-up Vroomshoop, The Netherlands, 2013 
Average capacity 1,500 m3/day │ 12,000 p.e. (54 g BOD)
Peak Flow400 m3/hour 

About the Nereda WWTP Vroomshoop

Water Authority Vechtstromen needed to quadruple the capacity of their existing plant in Vroomshoop. Based on extensive technology comparisons the cost-effective Nereda-technology was selected. Especially the hybrid process tie-in, where the new reactor is operated in parallel, but integrated in the existing activated sludge system, showed being the most economical solution for plant extension. 

Hybrid plant creates synergy

The hybrid plant configuration creates synergy between the Nereda and the existing system, resulting in positive effects on the activated sludge characteristics and better overall system performance.

Nereda WWTP Vroomshoop, the Netherlands

Image: The typical hybrid system: on the left the Nereda technology, on the right hand the traditional

Drastic decrease of energy consumption

Nereda waste sludge contains a high fraction of PAOs (which drive bio-P removal) and therefore improvement in biological phosphorus removal in the CAS side of a hybrid system is possible. With the plant at full loading conditions, the performance in terms of effluent quality has met all requirements. Furthermore, energy consumption monitoring at Vroomshoop (June-November 2014) showed the Nereda side of the treatment plant used approximately 35% less energy

Nereda WWTP Vroomshoop, the Netherlands

Image: The compactly built plant

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