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ClientWater Authority Noorderzijlvest
Wastewater type Municipal
Location & start-up Garmerwolde, The Netherlands, 2013 
Average capacity 30,000 m3/day │ 140,000 p.e. (54 g BOD)
Peak Flow4,200 m3/hour 
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About the Garmerwolde Nereda® WWTP

The existing WWTP Garmerwolde in the northern part of the Netherlands consists of a two stage activated sludge system which capacity was not sufficient. As a consequence the plant was not able to meet the effluent nitrogen standard (TN 10 mg/l), which necessitated a plant upgrade.

Nereda was selected as the preferred solution to extend the capacity with effluent design targets for TN and TP of 7 and 1 mg/l respectively. The existing plant was to treat the remaining part of the wastewater flow with design standards TN 12 mg/l and TP 1 mg/l. The new Nereda installation commenced operation in 2013. The extension was designed for 41% of the WWTP’s total capacity, which equals 140,000 p.e.

The Nereda installation has a much smaller footprint than the conventional WWTP. Because of the parallel installation the Garmerwolde WWTP offers the possibility to directly compare the performance of Nereda with the activated sludge plant. The data show full compliance to the annual discharge requirements. Next to the robust effluent quality, the Nereda operation is more sustainable: both the energy consumption and the chemical usage of Nereda is significantly lower compared to the existing activated sludge system. Because of the excellent sustainable performance, Water Authority Noorderzijlvest has optimized the distribution of the wastewater on both lines and approx. 50% of the wastewater is treated by Nereda.

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