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ClientWater Authority Rijn en IJssel
Wastewater type Municipal
Location & start-up Dinxperlo, The Netherlands, 2013 
Average capacity 3,100 m3/day │ 11,000 p.e. (54 g BOD)
Peak Flow570 m3/hour 
After-treatment None 
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About the Dinxperlo Nereda WWTP

After an extensive comparison of options, the Water Authority selected the Nereda watswater treatment technology for replacing their current treatment facilities at Dinxperlo. Next to be cost-effectiveness, high energy efficiency was an important criterion in the selection process. The plant is implemented by Royal HaskoningDHV under a Design & Construct contract. The contract also included the development of a water park. This park integrates the treatment works with attractive reed beds, ponds and greens and will be open for public recreation.

The Nereda plant has been built next to the location of the first Dinxperlo wastewaterplant from 1970. The new treatment plant uses only half the surface of the previous purification, consumes 75 percent of the power that is needed for conventional plants and requires no chemicals. Moreover Nereda produces alginate: a biopolymer that is a high quality replacement for alternative thickeners and coatings in the field of chemistry, agriculture and horticulture, the construction sector and the paper-and cardboard industry.

This Nereda has been operational since 2013.

Nereda WWTP Dinxperlo, NL

Image: Nereda integrated in a public water garden

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